Introduction to Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Language Awareness) (LANG1012)


This is a 15-credit module to give you a taste of the CELTA and of teaching English as a second language.

This module focuses on English language; you'll learn how the language is constructed, how to identify the meaning, form and pronunciation of words and phrases and how grammar, vocabulary and phonology are taught in the English language classroom. 

Key features:

  • Provides a good foundation for the CELTA
  • Communicative classes with a maximum of 25 students
  • A friendly and supportive learning experience
  • Strong focus on enhancing your employability


Module content

You will examine the role of English in a global context. The essential features of the English language will be examined and you will discuss concepts such as meaning, form and function. You will also study practical examples of the main features of English vocabulary, grammar and phonology as they apply in a TEFL context.

Through observation of qualified TEFL teachers and participation in practical activities, you will identify and evaluate how language is taught to foreign students. You will gain skills in observation and critical reflection that can be applied in any learning situation.

On successful completion of the module, students should be able to:

  1. Recognise the main features of English vocabulary and apply this lexical awareness in the TEFL context;
  2. Identify and explain key grammatical features of the English language in the context of TEFL;
  3. Examine the core phonological aspects of English and apply them in a TEFL setting;
  4. Demonstrate accurate, coherent and fluent use of English in their own language production (written and spoken).

Reflective journal & report:

Ongoing bi-weekly reflective journal to reflect on the teaching approaches and strategies established via lectures and workshops. Summative report of this process: 750-1000 words.

Language analysis (Meaning, Form & Pronunciation) and presentation:

750-1000 word report on language analysis (MFP) and method of presentation. Outcomes: evidence of the ability to correctly identify grammatical, lexical and syntactical elements of an utterance and adopt an appropriate approach to teaching this to a group of second language learners.


You will develop your awareness of the English language, enabling you to improve your own language skills in preparation for teaching others to improve theirs.

You will be able to broaden your horizon by looking through the eyes of a foreign learner of English.

You will lay the foundation for embarking on a career in TEFL

Some examples of TEFL job opportunities:

How to enrol

You can enrol for this module on your SOLE page: go to the student portal > SOLE > Module information > Select modules.

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