Equipment booking



How to book equipment in SSES using the updated Leihs system.
links to several pieces of equipment including laptops, bio mechanic equipment, anthropometric measuring equipment and miscellaneous.


How to book sport equipment

Technical equipment bookings

Students and staff can borrow laboratory and technical equipment such as cameras using the 

This booking system is now accessible both on and off campus.

The system is fairly straightforward to use, similar to online shopping:

  • Login in with your standard student (or staff) credentials.
  • Find the equipment you want - use the search box at the top if you know what it's called, or browse the different categories.
  • Add the equipment to your order basket and confirm dates (up to 3 day duration).
  • Checkout by putting your module code and brief explanation in the Purpose box.
  • Submit your order and wait for email confirmation from the technicians.