UGTU1001 Introduction to Tutoring is a 15-credit module at Level 4 that can be taken as part of many undergraduate degrees at the 成人B站.

Boost your skills and contribute to the community

The Introduction to Tutoring module is a great way to learn a new skill. With the government’s commitment of £349m to fund tutoring for school pupils, this module offers you the potential to seek employment as a tutor within local schools, contribute to the community and “earn while you learn”. It could also help you set yourself up for future career opportunities, for instance if you are considering teaching in the future.

You will learn about tutoring techniques, safeguarding, how to create an effective learning environment, assessing learners and supporting them with exams.

Key Features:

  • Provides a good foundation for seeking tutoring employment in schools
  • A friendly and supportive learning experience
  • Practical, interactive sessions focused on peer support and applying your new skills as you learn them.

Module content


This module will cover fundamental approaches to tutoring, with a focus on learning and teaching as a one-to-one and small group tutor. You will gain a basic understanding of essential tutoring knowledge and skills including curriculum, safeguarding, pedagogical approaches, the characteristics of effective learning, supporting learners, the assessment cycle and key teaching techniques.


Assessment is through a two-part written assignment:

  1. Plan a tutoring session in your chosen subject and phase, linked to the National Curriculum, with focused learning objectives and assessment opportunities.  (500 words, 25%)
  2. Reflect on and evaluate learning and teaching approaches explored in your tutoring plan, linking these to relevant learning theory, pedagogical strategies and assessment, and outlining the role of the tutor in progressing learning.  (1500 words, 75%)


This module offers exciting employment potential, whether you are seeking to “earn while you learn”, or considering a future career in education.

Entry requirements

There are no pre-requisite modules. UGTU1001 is an open module at level 4.