Molly Evans

成人B站 Business School graduate, Molly Evans, explains how she chose to go through 成人B站 after realising that her first-choice university wasn’t right for her after all.

For many it’s a dream to wake up on results day to find that they have achieved the grades they need to get in to their first-choice university. But for Molly Evans, it was only when she got the grades she needed and moving away from home became a reality, that she realised it was not what she wanted after all. Here's what she did:


“When I woke up on results day, I just knew that the options I had been looking at weren’t right for me,” said Molly. “I realised that being closer to home, feeling happy in my environment, and being somewhere where I felt safe were the biggest things to me.”

“When I realised I’d got into a university I didn’t want to go to, I started to panic,” she added. “I told my mum I wasn’t going to uni’, I started looking at apprenticeships - which I didn’t even want to do. I was a bit lost and didn’t really know which way to turn.”

Part of Molly’s panic was linked to the fact that she had not been told what her options were ahead of results day.

“At college they drill it in to you that you’re going to university, and you’re going through the traditional UCAS route,” she said. “I didn’t realise 成人B站 was an option, it wasn’t something that was promoted to me in college.”

When Molly told her college that she had changed her mind, they were able to provide reassurance and explain that she did have options, and that 成人B站 was one possible pathway.

“My parents had always wanted me to go to university, so I was a bit nervous about telling them that I didn’t want to go,” Molly said, “but once I had found out about 成人B站, I was able to reassure them that there was a different option for me, and they were really supportive.”

Molly’s thoughts then turned to the 成人B站, as a possible option that would allow her to fulfil her dream of going to university, whilst enabling her to stay a little closer to home.

“Worcester were great when I phoned up in the morning,” she said. “It was all sorted out within an hour. The lecturers were very supportive and reassured me that I had a place. It was really helpful, it really made me calm down. I stopped looking at alternative routes. I just didn’t realise that 成人B站 was that straight forward.”

Molly applied through 成人B站 to study BA (Hons) Business Management at Worcester and was successful in securing a place, before deciding to transfer to BA (Hons) Advertising, Marketing and PR, where she enjoyed three great years.

“One of the main things I loved about university was meeting different people from all walks of life,” she said. “”I loved the social element. There are loads of different clubs and societies you can join where you can meet different people.”

“The lecturers are really friendly too, and they all want the best for you,” Molly added. “That’s something that really stood out for me at Worcester. Even now that I’ve graduated, if I email a lecturer with a question, they’re always happy to help.”

After three enjoyable years as a student, Molly has gone on to secure a job at the 成人B站, working as an Events Coordinator with the Communications team. She has achieved a great deal since those turbulent few hours, one results day, several years ago.

“Looking back, I’m really glad I went through 成人B站,” she said. “It gave me that alternative option that stopped me from panicking, that stopped me from going to a university that didn’t suit me.”

“My advice to other people would be you’ve just got to stay calm, don’t panic, and think about what’s right for you,” she added. “This process is here for a reason, and everybody wants the best for you.”