Isabel Gilbert

Isabel Gilbert

Lecturer in Criminology

School of Psychology

Department of Violence Prevention, Trauma and Criminology

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Isabel has a background in the heritage sector and has specialised in the relationship between interpretations of history and racism in contemporary society. She brings her knowledge of societal inequality, social justice, symbolism, politics and ideology, and the influence of popular culture to the subject of Criminology.

Isabel enjoys researching cultural conflict, social justice movements, reactionary politics and legacies of colonialism.


  • BA English & American Literature (University of East Anglia)
  • MA English Literature (University of Sheffield)
  • PhD on interpretation of colonial history and racism in heritage (University of Sheffield)

Teaching Interests

Isabel is a Lecturer in Criminology and enjoys teaching related to social justice, criminal legislation, the influence of political ideology on the criminal justice system, and equality in the criminal justice system.


  • SOCG1112 – Social Justice
  • CRMN1401 – Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • CRMN1403 – Introduction to Criminal Legislation
  • CRMN2103 – Media and Crime

Research Interests

  • Legacies of Colonialism
  • The Transatlantic Trade in Enslaved Peoples
  • Intersectional Experiences of Society and the Criminal Justice System
  • Popular Culture and its impact on Society
  • Cults and Belief Affiliated Groups
  • Heritage and Interpretation
  • Histories of Race and Racism
  • Political Ideologies and Reactionism

Recent Publications

Work currently available online: